The Eggs-orcist

Feeling particularly dark when I woke up, I attempted to channel my energy back to the light side by taking to the kitchen for an eggs-orcism. I absolutely LOVE eggs, they are so versatile! You may have heard scary stories about making deviled eggs, but when it comes to these hellians you no longer need to be afraid of the dark!

In this devilish version of an old classic, the sweet/tangy relish in the smooth egg mixture and spicy bite of cayenne pepper are made even more provocative by the addition of the smoked paprika.

The only thing evil about these eggs is that they’ll leave you wanting more.


Warning! Nuts can Lead to Streaking

Camping and fishing in good ole Colorado last weekend we brought a bag of roasted peanuts.  We also had a plastic water bottle filled with Tequila.  Needless to say by the end of the trip I thought I had a restaurant concept, Tequila and Peanuts.

Anyways all this talk about nuts…such protein packed little suckers are a great addition to any backpackers load not to mention to any cocktail party.  After the tequila peanut chaser camping event I was also reminded of one of my favorite southern snacks, Boiled Peanuts!

Whoa dude, hang ten in my mouth!  First time I tasted this soft and salty little nut I was sitting on Folly Beach in Charleston, SC after an attempted surf session letting the sun dry me while I gulped down a cold beer. Once the sweet taste of the boiled raw peanut hit my lips I was done for…”Feels so good when it hits your lips….we’re going streaking”!IMG_2864

Warning:Eat enough boiled peanuts while drinking a cold cocktail and you really will be streaking!  Great you say, well then check out this recipe Boiled Peanuts

BBQ Chic

Tuesday night cook-out anyone?  











Who says you can’t have a BBQ partay at the beginning of the week…on a school night?  Spatula Slap impromptu Backyard BBQ 2013 went from 4 to 24 (plus 1 dog and 1 cat) in the span of approximately 24 hours.  As the number of guests started to increase so did my shopping list, but the whole purpose of this BBQ was to catch up with friends, so bottom line, I knew I did not want to be in the kitchen, or manning/womanning the grill, all night.

Being the Slaponista that I am, the food had to fit my style of BBQ Chic, and include options for all those vegetarians out there.  At my last cook-out more friends showed up than expected, and I was in the kitchen more than intended, as well as drinking more than intended.  This time though I was prepared.  I had a plan for easy, delicious, nutritious dishes and sides, prepared mostly in advance.  Through means of  social media and word of mouth, I gave my guests an idea of the delights I would provide.

The Results: Backyard BBQ 2013 was one of the smoothest and easiest thus far.  The key was to keep it simple…and sassy…stupid!  Dishes to prepare in a pinch when the guest list increases.  Don’t be shy, if you forgot to grab something at the store that day, phone-a-friend.  In my experience guests are usually more than eager to pitch in when duty calls.

Simple deliciousness included, in no particular order, Watermelon with Feta and Mint Salad (tastes like yum-yum-summah), Caprese Pasta Salad (let the fresh mozzarella and basil shine), Aloha Mini-Turkey Burgers (topped with sweet hot pickles, pepperjack, engulfed in a soft hawaiin roll), Grilled-to-Perfection Asparagus(olive oil+spices+grill=all you need), and Bourgeois Buffalo Wings (buffalo sauce with the sexual touch of maple syrup).

Not only did I Slap together a nutritious feast, our Spatula friends contributed as well, providing refreshing mojitos with mint straight outta’ the garden and unrefined mint infused simple syrup, a selection of cheeses, olives and oh-so much more.

The dish I savored the most?  Easy!  The L-O-V-E served up by the attendees.  Can you taste the love?