Greek Whata-Melon Salad

IMG_3042 Feel sophisticated and get creative with this sweet and savory twist

½ Watermelon
Crumbled Feta
Handful of Fresh Mint
(1) Lemon or
½ cup Balsamic reduction
2 tablespoons Olive oil
Salt if desired

How to:
Cut watermelon into medium ice cube shapes
Put melon in large bowl add chopped mint, Crumbled Feta, Sprinkle of Cayenne, Juice of (1) lemon or Drizzle the Balsamic reduction, Olive Oil
(*Beware*…the feta is salty, so taste after you toss and before adding extra salt)
Salt if desired
Serve immediately or chilled

You can make a deconstructed version of this chopped salad with cubed watermelon, feta, mint, toothpick then continue with seasoning!

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