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Slap, slap!

Have you ever wondered how to cook something, or use a certain food for non-consumptive purposes?  Would you like to set the ambiance for a hot date, wild party, dinner with parents, Gaga girls night…a Bear Grylls guys get-together?  Are you ready to get slapped?

Hi, I’m Alison, and now that we’re properly introduced, please take your Spatula Slap with a stiff upper lip…trust me, it won’t hurt a bit, in fact, I think you’ll like it.

I’ve been creating concoctions in the kitchen since college, and have always been passionate about eating healthy.  While I pretty much suck at decorating and interior design, I disguise my shortcomings by setting the mood with food.  Not only do I relish the fact that I can host a large party and master a more intimate evening, when eating out, I pride myself on picking a restaurant that will set the stage as well.

For me it’s all about the social environment that surrounds food, opting for local ingredients and home cooked. So, because I am selfless, I share with you my eating experiences and tasty tips. Don’t expect me to have all of the answers, but I promise, when I encounter a cooking conundrum I’ve yet to tackle, I’ll get educated and, for sure, share the feast.

Nothing fancy-schmancy (sorry Julia), just a girl (dare I say Laayydy) hailing from Denver, CO, sitting at the keyboard…or standing in front of a camera, promising some sassy, social, sexy, satiating, even smart entertainment with a slap of inappropriate…sorry Mom!


Erin Fiene

Bio is coming!


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