Boiled Nuts…In Your Mouth

Hey Y’all! Get your boiled peanut on…and maybe your streaking…

1 lb. Raw in Shell Peanuts
(10 oz) Salt per Gallon of water
1 big pot


1 Liter of vodka and a pie plate will work for soaking the nutz

First you must soak the raw peanuts overnight in the brine you make with the water and salt.  Put a weighted plate over the nuts to encourage water absorption.

In the morning remove the plate and bring the peanuts in the brine to a boil then reduce to a simmer and simmer for 4 hours.  Check the peanuts on the half hour after the 4 hours to check for the desired hardness you desire for your nuts 😉

Pour out a shot of tequila or crack a beer, pop your peanuts and enjoy the goodness as it hits your lips…then watch out for streakers!

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