The Roots

Food is FUN.    Food is Essential.   Food is EASY.

Spatula Slap – (def) To celebrate and set the mood with food. Introducing a menu of experiences to invigorate your life.

Spatula Slap was created because food has given us so much in life, and its time to finally give food the celebration it deserves. So many memories, stories, and inspiration revolve around food – whether we are growing it, prepping it, cooking it, or eating it.

 Spatula Slap was started to CELEBRATE food, and we’re talking good food here. To put it simply, there is just not enough conversation highlighting the sensational sensations associated with food. We sincerely feel that  if you don’t have a good relationship with your kitchen (a good relationship does not equal no relationship), you are missing out. By taking back your kitchen, you are allowing yourself to experience the enjoyment that food brings to your body, your mind, your relationships and so many important aspects of your life.

Food doesn’t have to be hard, in fact its quite easy, if you want it to be. But easy doesn’t always mean quick. We like to think of easy as in easy like Sunday morning…so enjoyable you just don’t want it to end.  Explore our website and you will see us slapping things together from cocktails, to snacks, and dinner parties.

You will notice we prioritize  local, seasonal, and nutrient-rich food. Why? Because it tastes 100% better and no matter what, it enhances your food experience and the connection to the fruit of what surrounds you. We want to bring you back to the wonders of food and the sensations that can only be felt with food.

Additionally, we are having the time of our lives creating Spatula Slap, we couldn’t ask for a better way to spend our days. We create and without a doubt make each and every recipe you find on Spatula Slap to ensure greatness for you and your mouth. We hope you think they are slaptastic as we do!

Finally, because food always tastes better with good company, you are cordially invited to feast with us around our virtual dinner table. If you have a favorite food memory or dish to pass, please SLAP US, we love hearing from our SPATULORS and SPATULETTES!


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